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Download RKill Malware Remover

RKill Malware Remover Software Download. Stop fake antivirus with RKill. RKill is a program used to detect malicious processes and services (malware) not detected by conventional antivirus because they are just able to stop the execution thereof or overlooked. A typical software detected by RKill case are known as Rogue or FAKEAV, which usually are fake

Download KeyScrambler, Anti Keylogger

KeyScrambler DownloadKeyScrambler, Anti-keylogger Software Download. The KeyScrambler is a add-in for browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox), which protects the so-called keyloggers, which are programs that capture the text that the user enters, in order to steal information or spy. From the browser enters the email (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.), social networks (like Facebook), to banking sites, and

Download Free SPAMfighter

Download Free SPAMfighter. SPAMfighter is a program that allows you to filter spam that comes to any mailbox is accessed through any of the following software clients: Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook (up to version 2010), Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird. Incoming emails are analyzed, and according to the background and the time that has already