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Download Driver Dell C1765nf
Dell C1765NF, You probably know that Dell’s more famous with a laptop, desktop, and server. But the company also has sold thousands of printers over the years, such as C1765nf multifunctional Color Printers (MFP).

With a simple black box design, you might say, “this is a great laser printer.” You are wrong, you will not find the word “laser” in whatever form that describes the C1765nr because it isn’t one, not inkjet. On the contrary, it is an LED printer. Led printer is almost synonymous with laser printers in terms of function with the use of light to scan the photoconductor are then transferred into the toner before saving it to a sheet of paper. But the laser beam is not directed to a particular place by spinning mirrors.

LED printer using an array of LEDS that spans the entire width of the print area, which is 8.5 inches of letter or printer fixed size. There is no real difference in the prints between a laser printer and the LED printer, but the printer LEDS work simpler. Features and design some inkjet MFP that we review lately have adopted the form of a sleek appearance with high-end audio equipment but these features are not available on C1765nf.

MFP with an affordable price, the Dell C1765NF has many advantages. Two models are available: C1765 C1765nf, that provides a USB and 100BASE-T Ethernet connectivity, while C1765nfw adds Wi-Fi connectivity and is priced around $ 30. Both models are equipped with Nuance PaperPort document management utilities 14, entry-level that provides the functionality of the PDF reader.

At 16.1 x 14.9 Dell C1765NF inches, slightly larger than a few inkjet all-in-One (AIO) that we have a test that is the size of 13.3-inch which makes it look a lot bigger. Weighs about 31 pounds, so you probably will put C1765nf in place of a permanent lot without displacement. It’s very heavy printer.

Dell C1765NF easy to operate, with a starter toner cartridges available. Can be operated easily by opening the panel to the right, pull out the cartridge out, and insert the new one. The controls are located on a panel attached near the top of the front side. This Panel contains a small monochrome LCD presents the level of toner, and uses a set of four-direction arrows on the screen, allowing you to select various menu and submenu to set the functions of such clever.

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